30 Days of Tamora Pierce

Day 6 - Favorite Series

The Immortals

Day 6 is a Tie

I just love Daine, and I love her story. These four books have been with me through so much, and I’ve always connected with them. I am especially fond of Emperor Mage, which is one of my favorite Tamora Pierce books. They might not be her “best” books, but they will always be my favorites.

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    I like Daine a lot, even though her series isn’t my favorite. But these are the covers of the books I own I should...
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  4. dances-withhipsters said: I’m still so connected to her “circle of magic” series. I grew up with it and even though it is also not always the absolute strongest, I love it so much. I never read the Immortals series, and I was always annoyed I didn’t, I definitely have to!
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